Pesticide’s use did not affect Basmati rice export. Analysis by CCFI shows.

India Rice Trade SPS Barriers from EU - with Special Reference to pesticide MRLs

Department of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Government of Punjab

Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Department, Government of Haryana, 

Corproate Video - Crop Care Federation of India

All associations must work together to present a single voice to the government

India agrochem trade body seeks export subsidy to cushion surging freight cost

Bhutan's 100% Organic Agriculture. The Rhetoric and Reality

Fruits & Vegetables ( F&V) export. India must achieve a great leap forward.

India and Merchandise Export

The flip side of Sri Lanka's organic farming

Zero Budget Natural Farming(ZBNF). A Review

CCFI seeks revision in customs duty to 30% on formulation imports

White Paper on Pesticides Patents in India

The otherside of Indian Patents Act

Synergy and interplay between Patents Act and Competition

Pesticides use in Homes vs their use in Farms.

Pesticide Residues in Agriculture Commodities

Changing Sources of Protein

China, What made them be a global leader in post-patent pesticides

Corproate Video - Crop Care Federation of India

Excessive Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetables

Use of Pesticides and Cancer Perception in India

Chemical Sector is the Gateway to India Reaching $5 Trillion Economy

Agrochemicals vs Pharmaceuticals. The importance of managing perception

उद्योग ने कीटनाशक प्रबंधन विधेयक में खामियों को उजागर किया, अधिक सुरक्षा मांगी - IBC

Industry exposes loopholes in pesticide management bill calls for greater security

The Pesticides Management Bill 2020 will hurt Indian Farmers & Agriculture

Invaders from the West: Con the largest ever Locust attack on India Pakistan border


Divya Gujarat PMB

Gujarat Pranam PMB

The Pesticides Management Bill needs review before clearance

Industry highlights flaws in pesticides management bill, seek more scrutiny

Standard Herald PMB

India alarming increase in pesticides import

Manufacturing Sector in India

Seminar on white fly management in Punjab and Haryana

Largest agricultural commodity produced in India

Impact of rigorous regulatory oversight on flow of foreign funds to erring NGOs in India.

Manufacturing sector in india

100% Organic agriculture vs inclusive agriculture

Organic fraud and how USA tackles this

Doubling farmers income requires increasing consumption of what is produced

Myths and misconceptions about Indian agriculture and factual reality

Black lies before NGT and an irrational order against pesticide industry

Swatantra Bharat

Voice of Lucknow

Dainik Savera

Hind Janpath

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PMB Kosta Prabha Vja Amaravati

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