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Our Mission

  • To serve as a responsible interface between Government and the Industry at all levels including Farmers, Researchers, NGOs, etc.
  • To establish the fair image of Agrochemical Industry as Protector of Environment, Man, Animals and Crops.
  • To promote and safeguard the positive image of the industry against the constant onslaught of negative publicity spread by Pseudo Activists/Scientists with vested interests.
  • To influence Government's Regulatory departments in ensuring a level playing field for all the stakeholders viz, Indian and Multinational Companies.
  • To establish a network of Agri-Clinics in rural areas through its members to promote the judicious use of all Agrochemicals.


To promote and establish on a continuing basis:

  Product Quality of global standards

   Safe and Judicious use of agricultural and household                      chemicals     

   Responsible Extension Services to farmers across the                  country

   State-of-the-art manufacturing practices and facilities,                enabling India to become the preferred manufacturing                hub in the world