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Crop Care Federation of India (CCFI) is one of the oldest and foremost associations. Most of the leading pesticides manufacturers and formulators are its members As a committed and progressive body representing the Indian agrochemical industry, CCFI has pursued its focal goal of advancing the cause of Indian farmers through better crop protection. Green Revolution in India triggered in the late 


Governing Body


Mr. R. D. Shroff
E :


Mr. Deepak P.  Shah 
E :


Mr. Rajesh Aggarwal
E :


All manufacturers of Insecticide trade in India are eligible to join CCFI
as members of the federation. Any Insecticide manufacturer can be a member
by accepting the rules and regulations of the federation by subscribing to
the membership fees. The decision of the Governing Body in matters
relating to acceptance or rejection of membership, without assigning
reasons thereof shall be final and binding.

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Crop Care Federation Of India


JANUARY 19, 2016


Indian agriculture has come a long way from being subsistence to being the one that produces substantial trade  surplus comparable to that of the services sector.